A growing number of organizations find themselves confronted with the challenge of dealing with web content as part of their archival work.

Which new standards must web archiving apply?

Which standards can be adopted from conventional archiving?

To what extent must conventional standards be modified or updated?


Web Archiving

This website tries to provide answers to various questions on archiving web content to give companies as well as private and public institutions recommendations for archiving websites. The website is based on the work of the AWV Arbeitskreis Webarchivierung (AWV Working Group Web Archiving). The AVW Working Group comprises representatives from political foundations and the German National Library who are particularly suitable for these tasks as they are already dealing with archiving web content in their daily work. Various open questions, e.g. the effects on economy and administration, need clarification. Without clarification of these issues purely web-based processes are not a useful substitute for analog business processes.

Symposium on Web Archiving

In 2012 the AWV, in cooperation with the competence network nestor, hosted a symposium on web archiving. The proceedings can be ordered free of charge online (in German language).


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